Month: December 2023

Noob Factory Comes with Replica Breitling Avenger Black Steel Watch

Breitling watches epitomize stability, excellence, accuracy, and aesthetics. The design concept of the Breitling Avenger exemplifies these four elements through its solid stainless steel case, highly functional features, superior performance, and rugged design. The entire Avenger series showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of Breitling’s watch masters, creating a compelling sports atmosphere. Irrespective of the surroundings, the Breitling Avenger upholds its unparalleled performance, earning the trust of wearers who seek high-performance timepieces. The introduced replica Breitling Avenger black steel watch utilizes identical materials to the genuine model. Noob factory has gone to great lengths to replicate an authentic watch, ensuring both its appearance and movement are flawlessly imitated. This replica watch successfully encompasses all the original functions.

N maker has recently implemented updates to the case and dial details of the Avenger replicas produced by smaller factories. Measuring a substantial 48mm in case diameter and 19mm in thickness, the replica watch is constructed from solid 316L stainless steel. The case undergoes a thick coating of black PVD, resulting in a striking and rugged appearance. The entire case, including the uni-directional rotating bezel, is adorned with a brushed finish and features screws for added visual interest. The crown’s surface is designed with textured lines, ensuring effortless rotation for the wearer. The bezel boasts meticulously engraved diving scales. Moving to the dial, it is effectively protected by a thick sapphire crystal, which incorporates Swiss-standard AR coating on both sides. This colorless AR coating replicates the genuine model’s appearance.

The main black dial showcases white hour markers and hands, treated with original C1 superluminova material. These elements emit a powerful green glow in low-light conditions, reminiscent of the small lume dot on the bezel. A red small second hand operates within the subdial located at 9 o’clock, while the 12-hour chronograph counter is situated at 6 o’clock, and the 30-minute chronograph counter is positioned at 12 o’clock. The replica watch impeccably replicates the chronograph function of the genuine model. The harmonious use of black, white, and red colors on the dial creates a natural and cohesive aesthetic for the entire watch.

Noob factory consistently delivers remarkable replica watches, showcasing impeccable case and dial details.In addition to their exceptional Submariner replicas, this Breitling Avenger replica has achieved tremendous success following its launch. With only 20 pieces released by the factory, acquiring this black robust timepiece requires prompt action. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this highly sought-after watch.

GF Factory Replica Breitling Chronomat B01 Raven Orange – Bombing Plane on Your Wrist

  • It has been quite some time since I last came across a truly captivating release from Breitling. It seems as though their previous successful models, such as the Navitimer 01, Avenger Blackbird, and Super Avenger Titanium, were all introduced several years ago. Unfortunately, the newer models unveiled in recent years have not quite captured the same level of appeal. However, this morning, as I strolled along Zhanxi Road, renowned for being the largest replica watch market in the world, I stumbled upon an extraordinary Breitling timepiece. Its striking black and orange color combination immediately caught my attention, and I couldn’t resist bringing it home to share my thoughts in this review.
  • The Breitling Chronomat B01 Raven replica watch, also known as GF, is a noteworthy creation from G factory. This factory has expanded its collection of replica Breitling watches, offering a wide range of options to watch enthusiasts. This development brings fortunate news to fans of Breitling timepieces, as GF has become the go-to factory for high-quality replicas. Similar to how Noob is renowned for producing the best Rolex replicas, GF now stands out as the sole factory with the most comprehensive collection of replica Breitling watches. This is undoubtedly an exciting development for those seeking accurate and well-crafted Breitling replicas.
  • The replica Breitling Chronomat B01 Raven features a black case that is constructed from solid 316L stainless steel. The surface of the case is coated with a thick layer of high-quality black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, providing a durable and stylish finish. With a large size, the case measures 44.5mm in diameter and 17.5mm in thickness, making a bold statement on the wrist. The entire case is brushed, faithfully replicating the design of the genuine watch. Notably, the uni-directional rotating bezel is meticulously crafted with four fixed pawls. The pawl at 12 o’clock stands out with a large pearl inside, which not only adds a visual element but also boasts strong luminescence. The bezel markings are deeply engraved and displayed in a vibrant orange color, matching the orange tachymeter inner bezel found on the dial. This attention to detail further enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of the replica watch.
  • The black dial of the replica Breitling Chronomat B01 Raven faithfully replicates the design of the genuine watch. It features three functional subdials, each positioned correctly. The subdial at 9 o’clock represents the small seconds, while the other two subdials are dedicated to the minute and hour chronograph display. These subdials are accentuated by small orange hands, which create a visually striking contrast against the black background. Additionally, the long seconds-chronograph hand also stands out in the same eye-catching orange color. It is evident that the prominent highlight of this watch lies in the skillful use of the vibrant orange color, adding a dynamic and sporty touch to the overall design.
  • The following are more detailed specification of the replica watch:
  • Movement: Asia Valjoux 7750 Chronograph
  • Case: 44.5mm*17.5mm, DLC Coated on Solid 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bezel: Uni-Directional Rotating, Lumed Pearl, Orange Markings
  • Crystal: Sapphire with AR Coating
  • Dial: Black with Stick Hour Markers, Which Have Lume Coating on The End
  • Bracelet: Black Rubber Strap with DLC Coated Deployant Clasp
  • Water Resistant: 50m

G Factory Replica Breitling Top Time Watch Review

  • Several years ago, when I first entered the watch industry, Breitling was an incredibly popular brand. During that time, many individuals purchased replica Breitling Avenger, Navitimer, and Seawolf watches from our local market. Back then, there weren’t many prominent manufacturers, but people were drawn to Breitling because the replicas of Avenger and Seawolf were exceptionally well-crafted and reasonably priced. However, as the industry evolved, more formidable watch manufacturers emerged, producing brand replica watches that surpassed the quality of Breitling replicas. Consequently, the popularity of replica Breitling watches has waned in recent times.Nonetheless, in our market, each brand still has its most iconic replica pieces, and Breitling is no exception. For instance, G factory’s Avenger BlackBird is highly regarded for its exceptional quality and can even be fitted with a Swiss ETA movement, making it one of the best-selling models. G factory also offers a diverse range of other Breitling replica watches, including some noteworthy new releases. One such example is the Top Time Chronograph watch, which deserves our attention.
  • The G factory, also known as GF factory, is renowned for producing high-quality Breitling replica watches. The Breitling Top Time replica watch is an excellent timepiece for any gentleman, boasting a sophisticated appearance with subtle sports characteristics. The 41mm diameter and 14.2mm thickness of the round case make it slightly thick, but still suitable for most wrist sizes. The case back features a simple design with a sand-finished engraving of the word “Breitling” against a smooth background.The chronograph buttons are thoughtfully designed for easy operation, but it is advisable not to use them excessively. Despite improvements made to the A7750 movement over the years, it may not be as durable as other automatic movements. Nonetheless, this Breitling Top Time replica watch is an excellent choice for those seeking a dress watch with a sporty edge.
  • The dial of the Breitling Top Time replica watch is indeed intriguing. The fan-shaped area, where two small dials are positioned, resembles a pair of eyes, adding a unique touch to the design. The red color accents on the hands enhance the readability of the white dial, making it easier to read the time at a glance.The small dial located at 9 o’clock is dedicated to displaying small seconds, providing precise timekeeping. On the opposite side, at 3 o’clock, there is another subdial for minute-chronograph display. It features a small red area, the purpose of which may require further clarification. Additionally, there is a small red hand on this subdial, which serves a specific function that would need to be identified.Similar to the genuine watch, the round dots positioned next to each stick hour marker on the dial are filled with luminous material. This ensures that the watch exhibits a strong green luminescent glow in dark conditions, enhancing visibility and legibility.
  • The band of the Breitling Top Time replica watch is designed in a manner that meets your preferences. The suede material on the outside of the band resembles the ASSO leather band commonly associated with Panerai watches, offering a cool and stylish appearance. On the inner side of the band, which comes into contact with your skin, you will find Breitling’s iconic yellow leather. This combination not only adds a unique touch to the overall design but also ensures that the wearer experiences great comfort.
  • It’s understandable that you appreciate this design, and it would be fantastic if Breitling were to offer more choices for watch bands in the future. Having a variety of options allows watch enthusiasts like yourself to further personalize and enhance the overall look and feel of their timepieces.

KOR Factory Replica Breitling Navitimer 1 38mm with Swiss SW200 Movement

  • In recent years, there haven’t been many exciting replica Breitling watches in the market, except for the GF-produced Avenger BlackBird. It seems that Breitling has lost some of its popularity compared to before. It’s difficult for me to recommend a good Breitling replica watch, apart from the GF Avenger BlackBird and some Superocean models. I haven’t come across any other replica Breitling watches that are worth buying. However, I would like to introduce a Breitling Navitimer watch made by KOR. Although KOR is not a new factory and has been in the market for a while, they have gained recognition for producing high-quality replicas of Cartier Panthere watches. The reason I’m mentioning this Breitling Navitimer watch is because it is one of the few replicas that utilize an original Swiss movement.
  • I’m not a fan of the Navitimer; it’s just too big for my liking. Even this smaller 38mm*10mm version doesn’t appeal to me. The dial is also quite unfamiliar, with too many digits and letterings whose meanings escape me. It’s clear that many people wouldn’t choose a Breitling Navitimer for everyday wear. The bezel, with its numerous flutes, looks a bit overdone, and overall, the design of the Navitimer doesn’t align with my personal style. However, I must admit that the case finish of this Navitimer from KOR factory is exceptional, especially with the original Swiss movement.
  • KOR provides three dial color options: black, blue, and white. Among these, I personally prefer the blue dial. The thin bezel surrounding the dial creates an illusion of a larger appearance, despite the case diameter being only 38mm. The multi-layer construction of the dial enhances its layout, ensuring it doesn’t appear cluttered and maintains good readability. The stainless steel stick hour markers and three-dimensional central hour and minute hands add a touch of high-quality craftsmanship to the watch, with their multiple cutting faces.
  • The primary highlight of this Breitling replica watch is its movement, featuring a Swiss SW200 automatic caliber. In the future, I plan to write an article introducing other replica watches in the market that utilize original Swiss movements. The Swiss SW200 is a reliable movement, offering stability comparable to the Swiss ETA 2824. With this movement, the thickness of this Breitling Navitimer 1 replica measures at only 10mm. Additionally, it’s worth noting that KOR also provides a clone 2824-2 movement option for this Navitimer model.

G Factory Replica Breitling Avenger GMT Black Watch Review

GF, or G factory, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality replica Breitling Avenger watches. In a previous recommendation, I introduced the V4 edition from GF, which is widely regarded as one of the best-selling Breitling replicas in our market. This particular timepiece is equipped with an Asia ETA 2824 automatic movement, which ensures its exceptional accuracy and reliability.If you’re looking for the ultimate replica Breitling Avenger watch, there are two options to choose from. The first is the GF-made Breitling Avenger, which is widely considered to be one of the best replicas available on the market. The second option is from “original” factory, and features a genuine Swiss ETA movement that guarantees exceptional accuracy and precision.Today, I’m excited to introduce another remarkable Breitling Avenger replica from GF. This particular timepiece boasts an impressive GMT feature, adding another layer of functionality to an already exceptional watch.

The watch features a generous case size, measuring 45mm in diameter, and has a slightly thicker profile of approximately 12.5mm. It is important to note that the case is crafted from high-quality 316L stainless steel, rather than titanium. To enhance its aesthetics, the case has undergone DLC processing, resulting in a sleek black coating. The uni-directional rotating bezel also shares the same DLC coating and is adorned with a luminous-filled round dot at the 12 o’clock position, resembling a pearl.GF has executed the DLC black processing on the case with great precision, ensuring a flawless finish. The curved case design is particularly impressive, as it closely resembles the dimensions of the original, achieving a near 1:1 level of accuracy.

The dial of this Breitling Avenger replica is truly impressive. The hour markers have been replicated with such precision that they closely resemble those found on a genuine Breitling watch. The Breitling logo, located at the 12 o’clock position, is yet another testament to the expertise and craftsmanship of the prominent watch factories in our market. The logo has been delicately crafted, boasting clear lines and crisp lettering.The lume application work on the dial is also impeccable. Each bar next to the Arabic numeral hour markers has been coated with white lume material, as have the 24-hour markers on the inner bezel. However, the large hour markers, including the two bars at 6 and 9 o’clock, as well as the triangle mark at 12 o’clock, have an off-white color. This subtle difference in color enhances the dial’s readability, making it easy to tell the time at a glance. Additionally, in low-light conditions, the dial emits a strong blue lume light, which matches the color of the bezel pearl.

The strap of this Breitling Avenger replica features a combination of nylon material on the outside and leather material on the backside. This design has become quite popular among many watch brands. However, in the case of this particular model, you personally feel that the light brown strap may not be the best match. Instead, you believe that a black nylon strap would be a better fit for the overall aesthetic of the black watch.Additionally, if you have specific requirements, it is possible to purchase an original Swiss ETA 2824 movement from the market to upgrade the watch. This would provide even higher quality and accuracy in terms of movement.

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