APS Factory Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Small Seconds

This is the newest release from APS factory, which is a replica of the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin 1218420. Currently, APS factory is the only manufacturer producing this replica watch. It is unclear whether their competitor, ZF, will also release a replica of this model in the future.

The most popular replica watcghes among the many Jaeger LeCoultre watches is the Master Ultra Thin Moonphase model. Previously, it was produced by GF, APS, and ZF. However, after a raid at the end of last year, GF was unable to continue business operations. They briefly resumed operations under the name GO to handle their remaining stock. As of now, you cannot purchase high-quality replica breitling of the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moonphase from GF. Many people believed that GF produced the best replicas, despite the Miyota 9015 movement. These replicas were known for their stability. On the other hand, replicas made by APS or ZF often had movement issues, even with the super clone 925 movement. Unfortunately, there are no super clones of the replica JL Master UT Moonphase with the Miyota 9015 movement. Only a few small unknown factories are currently manufacturing them.

The new small seconds model from APS factory features a super clone 896 automatic movement. This movement is a modified version of the APS 925, with the removal of the moonphase and date modules. As a result, the replica watch has a slim profile, measuring approximately 9.2mm in thickness. While it is still slightly thicker than the genuine watch, which measures 8.1mm, it is about 1mm thinner than the moonphase model. The elimination of the moonphase module in the super clone 896 enhances its stability compared to the APS 925.

The replica watch does not have any significant flaws. The dial is an exact replica of the original, with every detail meticulously replicated. The dial has a subtle arch, and each hour marker is precisely cut to the correct shape. The three-dimensional JL logo at 12 o’clock is the same size as the one on the genuine watch. The hour and minute hands are sword-shaped and feature a blasting finish on one side and a polishing finish on the other. The small second hand is located on a subdial at 6 o’clock and runs smoothly, unlike the moonphase model which has a noticeable jitter in the second hand.

The cow leather band feels somewhat rigid. However, it can be easily replaced with a genuine alligator leather band thanks to the quick removal system. Fortunately, there are several stores in our market that offer authentic alligator leather straps.

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