Today, I would like to introduce another exceptional replica watch from G factory, known as GF, the Breitling Avenger. In one of my previous posts, I showcased the highly popular Breitling Avenger BlackBird Titanium watch, also manufactured by GF. It is widely acknowledged that GF produces the best replica Breitling watches, whether they belong to the Avenger or Superocean collection. The watch I am reviewing today is an Avenger model with a chronograph function, featuring a special material known as Breitlight, which Breitling has aptly named the Breitling Hurricane Breitlight.

The replica watch’s case possesses an impressive size, boasting a diameter of 45mm. This substantial dimension may appear oversized for the average wrist of most men. It is worth noting that the case is also relatively thick, measuring up to 17mm. This additional thickness is primarily attributed to the movement inside, which is often thicker than the calibre found in genuine Breitling Breitlight watches. Consequently, the watch may sit slightly higher on the wrist, but this characteristic is of little concern to individuals who appreciate and favor larger timepieces.

The genuine Breitling watches are crafted using a special material known as Breitlight, which is exclusive to Breitling Official. However, there is uncertainty regarding whether replicas are made with the same material. While GF claims to use the same material as the genuine watches, it is doubtful whether their replicas truly feature Breitlight. If the replica were indeed made with Breitlight, its price would likely be significantly higher and closer to that of the original. However, it’s worth noting that the case of the replica differs from other Breitling replicas, as it is composed of a combination of poly-carbonate and carbon fiber. Consequently, this composite material results in a much lighter case compared to titanium, while still offering resistance against scratches and breakage.

The replica Breitling Avenger Hurricane offers two dial options: black and yellow. Personally, I prefer the black dial. The black dial provides excellent legibility with its white Arabic numeral markers that are applied with Swiss lume material, as well as the luminescent hands. In low-light conditions, the entire dial emits a strong and long-lasting green light, including the bezel pearl at 12 o’clock. This dial design effectively showcases the full chronograph function, with the small seconds hand located at the 9 o’clock subdial, while the other two small dials positioned at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock display minute and hour chronograph measurements separately.

The band of the replica Breitling Avenger Hurricane features a unique design. It combines black nylon material on the outside with yellow rubber on the backside that comes into contact with your skin. This particular design is being adopted by many Swiss brands, as it is believed to provide enhanced comfort during wear.

In conclusion, the replica Breitling watch appears to be of high quality and worth considering if you are in the market for a Breitling timepiece. However, it is unclear why GF sells it at a higher price. Possible reasons could include the use of a new case material or their accumulated reputation, leading GF to believe it is appropriate to increase their pricing. Some dealers have claimed that GF imports this case material from Switzerland, even though it is the newest material patented by Breitling. The legitimacy of these claims may be doubted, as it is unlikely that GF would have access to such a recently patented material.