I previously shared a review of a Breitling Top Time replica watch that caught my attention due to its unique dial. Today, I would like to provide a review of another Breitling Top Time watch, specifically the Top Time Deus edition, which features a full chronograph function. This replica watch is produced by BLS factory, a name I am not familiar with in terms of their previous watch productions. In comparison to the previously mentioned Top Time Breitling watch, I personally prefer this one more as its dial design is more regular and appealing to my taste.

The BLS replica watch is crafted from 316F stainless steel and features a polished case that measures 41mm in diameter and 14.2mm in thickness. The lugs are curved, enhancing the overall fit of the watch on your hand. While the case design boasts minimal highlights, there are unique engravings on the case back that resemble a motorcycle and are somehow connected to DEUS, although I am unaware of the significance of this word.

I was attracted to the dial, which led me to make the decision to purchase it. The white dial showcases silver stick hour markers, and there are two small dials with a black background, both of which have functional purposes. The subdial located at the 9 o’clock position features an orange small hand, indicating the seconds. The small dial at the 3 o’clock position serves as a 30-minute chronograph display, with a red-colored small hand that matches the central second-chronograph hand. The black printings of “BREITLING” and “TOP TIME DEUS” are clearly visible against the white background. It’s important to note that this watch is a replica, but it does include a fully functioning chronograph. You can simply push the buttons to operate it.

The leather band has a brown color and an aged appearance, which I personally like as it adds a vintage touch. The back side of the band, which touches the skin, is made of yellow leather, a classic color commonly used by replica Breitling. Additionally, the leather band features the Breitling logo. As for the internal mechanism, it houses a Chinese Valjoux 7750 movement. This movement is often referred to as the Asian clone 7750 because it is manufactured based on the design of the ETA 7750 movement. While the clone 7750 retains all the functions of the original movement, it is unable to achieve the same thickness. Hence, many replica chronograph watches tend to be thicker compared to their genuine counterparts. However, the Asian clone 7750 movement has undergone significant improvements, resulting in an extended service life.